Getting Started with Solar Power


Gone are the days of clunky, unsightly solar panels. Modern solar panels are sleek, low-profile, and, to our eyes, a thing of beauty. Not to mention, our home solar panels give you outstanding power output and the highest levels of efficiency. For you, they are a source of clean, renewable energy that saves you money.

If you have access to the electric grid and want to get the most value for your investment, installing solar panels is the way to go. At POWERHOME Solar, we are committed to providing the lowest up-front cost solar power systems. We make it easy for you to switch without worrying about your finances. The best part? Watching your electric bills go down.

Solar Panels Specifically for Your Home,Your Way


Home solar panel installations have exploded during the past few years, with homeowners going solar at a rate of approximately one every 100 seconds. Whether installed on your roof or placed on mounts on the ground, solar panels harness the sun’s energy so that your system can generate clean power for your home. After you’ve signed up to see if solar is right for you, we’ll come out to your home and do a site audit. We look at your home and how your family uses energy.

Shortly after you sign your contract, a structural engineer will assess your roof and determine whether it can support a solar energy system. Our design team will create a system based on you and your family’s energy requirements. This will tell us the best place to mount your panels and how many of them you will need.