The Cost of Solar

The cost of your system will depend on the size of your home, your energy needs, and other factors. POWERHOME Solar helps you get started with our "$0 down/100 percent financing plan" so you can begin saving on your electric bill from Day 1.

There’s never been a better time to add solar power. Energy prices are rising, even spiking in some areas, and solar panel prices are falling. Also, the efficiency of solar panels has reached a high point. Yet solar panel technology is continually improving as researchers and companies strive to develop better products. This process also affects solar panel cost and results in improved system quality and design, making the entire system more affordable than ever.

How Much Does the Average Solar System Cost?

If you are looking into a solar panel installation, that means you’ve probably heard that adding solar energy can lower your electric bill. But you still want to know how much solar panels cost, and more specifically how much they will cost for your home. Because every homeowner’s needs are different, so too are the costs. The price of solar will depend on several factors, including your current power usage, how much you want your solar panels to offset your total electric bill, and the direction your home faces, to name three. Solar is not a one-size-fits-all option.

Two families could be living in the same size house, yet their power needs can be drastically different. That’s why power companies don’t charge you for how large your home is -- they charge for how much power you use. Solar works similarly. While the average-sized solar panel system installation may be approximately 6,000 watts, that number will depend on how much you want your solar panels to offset your current energy use. That’s a number you get to decide, and that will determine your solar panel cost.

Solar Power Systems Are More than Just Panels

Of course, a solar power system is more than just panels. It has many other components such as racks, wiring, an inverter, a solar production monitoring platform and smart meter. All of these factors are involved in the per-watt cost of your system.

POWERHOME Solar currently serves customers in Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia. The solar savings you get in these states depend on any local government incentives and net-metering programs they have available. Schedule a consultation with one of our energy experts to see how much you can save.

Be Sure Your Solar Panel System Is the Right Size

Other solar companies may suggest any size of solar panel system for your house without looking at decisive factors. At POWERHOME Solar, we take into consideration the size of your roof (or yard, if you prefer a ground mounted system) and most importantly, your energy use.

Without this information, you’ll struggle to find the perfect-sized solar panel system to meet your family’s energy needs. Our solar experts will look at all of these factors carefully to make sure that once your panels are up and running, you feel nothing but excited about your new purchase.

If you take advantage of our $0 down/100% financing plan, it is even easier to purchase solar panels and maximize your savings.